Brothers: Prompt #2
Prompt: When Owen mentioned that he knew the legend that surrounded Roundstone Wood he was being truthful. When they were both children, Owen had watched his younger brother Ianto wander around that place, playing with something their parents couldn't see. But Owen could see them, those creatures that were bathed in innocent light but surrounded by a darkness and maybe, just maybe Ianto had been very lucky when Owen called him in for supper that night.
Pairing(or Characters featured): Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen and Gwen.
Timeline: Season 1: Small Worlds
AU or Canon: AU
Character Bashing(Yes/No)(If yes, of who?): Gwen bashing.
Warnings: Manipulative!Gwen, Empathic!Ianto, Protective!Owen, Protective!Jack, BadAss!Tosh.
Anything else?: The Team don't know that Ianto and Owen a brothers until they have to deal with Mara. Owen accidently tells them about his and Ianto's encounter and how the Mara wanted to take Ianto as a child. I would also love to see Gwen trying to trade Ianto for Jasmine since the Mara were interested in him as a child.

Torchwood Horror Prompt #1: Mind-Control

Another Torchwood Horror Prompt.... enjoy.

Ianto knows the team is under mind control and the one controlling them, Gwen. She forces the team to do things horrible things to him. Jack tortures him in the cells and tells him about his and Gwen's sex life, Tosh uses him to test high-tech devices that have fallen through the rift, Owen's the one who runs the sadistic tests. And right now they are all standing around while Owen pushes him into a cell with Janet. Will anyone break Gwen's control and save Ianto?
Pairing(or Characters featured): Jack/Gwen, Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen.
Timeline: Early Season 1
AU or Canon: AU
Character Bashing(Yes/No)(If yes, of who?): Gwen bashing.
Warnings: Manipulative!Gwen, Hurt/Tortured!Ianto, Evil!Tosh, Evil!Jack, Insane/Doctor!Owen.
Anything else?: Gwen has stolen a mind control device out of the Restricted Archives and is forcing everyone to torture Ianto.

Torchwood/Stay Alive Crossover #1
This is one of my personal Crossover Prompts from my Torchwood Horror Community and I really would love to see it turned into a story. :)

Stay Alive
Prompt: It fell through the rift of time and space only to end up in the hands of Torchwood 3. A blank case with only the words, "Stay Alive" written in blood upon it. Only Gwen believed it to be a movie from the future, it's wasn't. It's a game, a sentient video game that Torchwood 1 developed, one that went missing after it's final test trial, one that appears to only have one survivor, the one who wrote the two words on the case itself: Ianto Jones.
Pairing(or Characters featured): Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, The Countess.
Timeline: Season 1: Day One
AU or Canon: AU
Character Bashing(Yes/No)(If yes, of who?): Gwen Bashing.
Warnings: Character Death, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Captivity/Prisoner Situations, Violence. Tortured!Ianto, Hurt!Owen, Scared!Tosh, Dark!Gwen, Protective!Jack,
Anything else?: Love to see Gwen not caring that it was her fault for activating the game or for getting members of her team tortured/hurt.

Ianto Has Abilities: Prompt #1

Prompt #1: Spoilers for the TWNovel: Consequences: Virus. Ianto has been hiding his true self from the Torchwood 3 team. He knows very well how and with many ways to use a gun. He knows how to work with extremely advanced technology. He has many contacts that deal with Alien weapons. It's all thanks to UNIT and Torchwood 1. The only problem is what happens when Gwen sticks her nose into where it doesn't belong and the team finds out just how well Ianto is trying to keep them all safe.

Timeline: After Cyberwoman, during Ianto's suspension.

Gwen bashing
: BAMF/Hurt!Ianto, Protective!Jack and Owen. 
: Pre and Established! Jack/Owen/Ianto relationship.
: Ianto getting shot in the leg and shoulder during a mission to retrieve something secretly for the Doctor, but because Gwen puts her nose where it doesn't belong, Ianto gets hurt. But despite the pain Ianto finishes his job by being a BAMF, saves Gwen in the process only to get knocked out by her and taken to the hub like a traitor.
: Gwen informs the Team about Ianto's dealings with people who have Alien Weapons and the like. Only when Ianto's handler from UNIT calls his phone, she picks it up before Jack does and causes a lot of problems.

Brothers: Prompt #1

Prompt#1: Spoilers for 1x04: Cyberwoman. One thing that never made sense to Jack was why Owen and Ianto fought so much around the Hub. Always a mystery it was. Until he looked back over the CCTV footage of that night and saw that in that moment, in the Tourist Office, Owen's face wasn't full of hate or judgement towards Ianto, Owen looked as if he was waiting for the right moment to disarm Jack. Owen looked protective. Jack knew there was another secret right underneath his nose, he only hoped it didn't get anyone killed this time.

Brothers!Owen and Ianto.
: Pre or Establish!Jack/Ianto relationship. (Depending on how many chapters or how long the story is.)
Protective!Owen, Concerned!Jack.
: Shocked!Team.
: Secret Rentboy!Ianto
: Gwen Bashing.
: Would love for Jack to question Owen alone, at his apartment or in Jack's office while Ianto is on suspension.
: Would love for one of the reasons Ianto and Owen fight so much is because Owen is secretly pissed that Ianto works for Torchwood.
: Would love to see Jack and Owen find out that Ianto lives on the street since he was using all of his money to help Lisa.

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Warning for adult fic request-

I'm just dying...just dying! for a fic where the Tenth Doctor is paired with Jack, the team and even Gwen and Rhys as a couple, due to sex pollen/going in heat/whatever. Just as long as he can't get enough and it takes a real team effort to keep up with him/keep him from putting himself in danger to find satisfaction. Anyone? Anyone?

A Jack/Tosh/Ianto/Owen/Gwen & Gwen/Rhys Torchwood story idea
So I have had this story idea for a few weeks now ( careful its loooooooong!) but in no way I have time to write it.(Also I haven't written in the Torchwood fandom yet, I´d rather start with a smaller story then) Sadly the characters wont shut up and so I thought I´d post it here. So if you want to take this story or just elements of it, be my guest.
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Torchwood: Ianto Jones & a cup!
I’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday and good wishes and luck for the coming year, 2011! I hope it’s better for everyone than this year might have been!

Happy holidays!

True Blood crossover
Eric and Bill gaying it up at Forever 21
Sookie Stackhouse and Captain Jack Harkness. Jack falls through the Rift and ends up in Bon Temps. Smut would be nice. :D

Bonus: Telepathy. Jack is a very "loud broadcaster", as Sookie would put it. ;D

Write this please
choccy ianto
To be honest it's easier to link the request back to my journal than type it all out again

Request for smut

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