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Ten/Donna Doctor tells off Donna's Family and Friends
Carolyn Harrison wrote in tw_ficrequests
The Doctor does not like how, instead of being worried for Donna's safety her family and friends have decided to have the Reception without her. So he tells them off - reminding them all that Donna's life had been in danger and here they were having a party. Instead of sticking around for the Reception The Doctor takes Donna out of there telling her so that everyone can hear him, that she doesn't need friends like these. How would this have changed the rest of the episode? Would Donna have agreed to go with him instead of turning him down if he had stood up for her like that? How would that change Seasons 3 and 4? I'd like to see this be a story where they eventually fall in love with each other, but I'd like the Doctor to fall for Donna first.


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