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Torchwood Horror Prompt #2: Left Behind and Forgotten
donnanoble90 wrote in tw_ficrequests
Prompting..... so much fun!

Gwen had pulled focus on herself again by claiming that her wounds were painful, even after the shot of morphine given to her 20 minutes ago. It was too bad neither Jack nor Owen had paid attention to Tosh and Ianto, the two members of the team who had been actually captured, tortured, and then soon forgotten after Gwen was loaded into an ambulance. Will Jack and Owen be able to save them?
Pairing(or Characters featured): Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, and some unknown Cannibals.
Timeline: Season 1: Countrycide
AU or Canon: AU
Character Bashing(Yes/No)(If yes, of who?): Gwen bashing.
Warnings: Manipulative!Gwen, Protective!Jack and Owen, Scared!Tosh, BAMF!Ianto. Violence, Knifeplay and Captivity/Prisoner Situations.
Anything else?: Yep, Tosh and Ianto get left behind in the country with Cannibals who hid in the woods and who haven't been wounded/caught.


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