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This community is dead, so when badly_knitted offered to take over to see if it could be brought back to life, I agreed.

I'll stay on as moderator, for as long as it is wanted.

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Ten/Donna Biodamper

The Doctor made a mistake when he used the Biodamper. He used the wrong one. The one he used is for marriage ceremonies on Gallifrey. Once he put it on Donna and they said what they did, they were married according to Gallifreyan Law, which means she will be his wife no matter what regeneration he is in until she dies. How will he deal with Journey's End now because if he wipes her mind he'll break their bond, killing them both? Which explains why everyone always says that they're married. They are. How do they find out? How do they deal with it? No having them get divorced please.

Ten/Donna Doctor tells off Donna's Family and Friends

The Doctor does not like how, instead of being worried for Donna's safety her family and friends have decided to have the Reception without her. So he tells them off - reminding them all that Donna's life had been in danger and here they were having a party. Instead of sticking around for the Reception The Doctor takes Donna out of there telling her so that everyone can hear him, that she doesn't need friends like these. How would this have changed the rest of the episode? Would Donna have agreed to go with him instead of turning him down if he had stood up for her like that? How would that change Seasons 3 and 4? I'd like to see this be a story where they eventually fall in love with each other, but I'd like the Doctor to fall for Donna first.

Ten/Donna Doctor tells off Sylvia

The Doctor and Donna have been traveling together for awhile, but no matter how many times The Doctor tells Donna that she's brilliant, or smart, or beautiful she won't believe him. She just keeps thinking of herself as a fat Ginger with no real skills except for her typing. The Doctor finally figures out that it was Sylvia and all of her constant put downs of Donna that damaged her self confidence so badly. I'd like to see The Doctor try to fix this by going back in time to tell Sylvia what she's doing to Donna. Where in Donna's timeline should he go? Will it make any difference? Will Sylvia change how she treats Donna?

Ten/Donna Turn Left story

I'd like to see a version of Turn Left where the Doctor finds out that in order to get from the parallel universe Donna had to kill herself, because Rose put her to far away from herself for anything else to work. The Doctor notices though in listening to Donna talk about the parallel universe that every other time Rose was able to end up exactly where she wanted to go. How would that have changed how the Doctor felt about Rose? How he felt about Donna, knowing what she was willing to go through for him? Would this change how the Doctor chooses to save Donna at the end of Journey's End? Would he still leave the human Doctor with Rose? I'd like to see the Doctor and Donna ending up in a romantic relationship, but I'd love it if the Doctor fell for Donna first.

Torchwood Horror Prompt #2: Left Behind and Forgotten

Prompting..... so much fun!

Gwen had pulled focus on herself again by claiming that her wounds were painful, even after the shot of morphine given to her 20 minutes ago. It was too bad neither Jack nor Owen had paid attention to Tosh and Ianto, the two members of the team who had been actually captured, tortured, and then soon forgotten after Gwen was loaded into an ambulance. Will Jack and Owen be able to save them?
Pairing(or Characters featured): Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, and some unknown Cannibals.
Timeline: Season 1: Countrycide
AU or Canon: AU
Character Bashing(Yes/No)(If yes, of who?): Gwen bashing.
Warnings: Manipulative!Gwen, Protective!Jack and Owen, Scared!Tosh, BAMF!Ianto. Violence, Knifeplay and Captivity/Prisoner Situations.
Anything else?: Yep, Tosh and Ianto get left behind in the country with Cannibals who hid in the woods and who haven't been wounded/caught.